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Chairman's Message

Economic Exchange Centre is established in April 2007 to serve the National (local community) and the international community in UAE with the best service what the community is expected from an exchange house. It was our vision to establish an exchange house with international standard of service at best price. Over the period of last seven years of business we have proved that “Best service is not always proportionate to price”.

We have started the exchange house with one branch in Naif road, Deira during 2007 and provided best service on comparatively better price. The service standard what we have maintained during the initial stages of our venture has given us much better opportunities in the UAE market. During the years, we have grown vertically and horizontally with more presence in the UAE business community.

We have started two more branches in UAE viz Bur Dubai and Sharjah. This has given us new markets and new opportunities to serve the UAE population for their commercial as well as personal requirements. We are planning to have our presence in all the emirates. Soon we will be opening more branches in the UAE.

As part of our business policy, we are focusing our business target from a basket mix of commercial as well as personal business of the mass. We have strong Banking relationship with various leading banks globally to cater the requirements of our customers. Based on the strong business partner relations, we are able to serve our customers for any of their financial requirements without geographical barriers.

During the last 13 years, we have attained a strong team of employees with a perfect mix of expertized experienced seniors and vibrant youth. The loyal and dedicated resource contributed and contributing the best result what the organization identified as the need of the hour. As a result of the wholehearted support and hard work of the employees of Economic Exchange Centre, we have achieved higher targets over the years and aiming to the target of becoming one of the most popular exchange house in UAE.

During the recent past this has become an innovative part of Exchange House business to have a proper and vigilant AML Compliance mechanism in place to scrutinize the business to ensure that the transactions processed from our organization are in accordance with the AML/KYC regulations of CENTRAL BANK OF UAE, OFAC, EU, UN etc. For enhanced details of our AML/KYC norms, you may review our AML/KYC Policy documents appended in the website.

We have implemented state of the art core system incorporated with latest update of published database of black listed and blocked individuals, entities and nations from the Global Banks and regulatory authorities. Further we have established a team of high caliber individuals in our Compliance Department to scrutinize our customers profile and transactions as directed by the regulatory authorities.

Behind all our success and prosperity there is one element which need to be mentioned in golden letter. This is nothing else but our loyal customers supported us for the journey of our success during the past years. We appreciate their loyalty and trust on us during the occasion when we face crisis.

Economic Exchange Centre understands their moral duty and responsibility for the contribution and commitment towards local community. As a part of Emiratisation program, we have already employed UAE Nationals and planned to deliver more employment opportunities to Emirati staffs in near future.

We are hopeful for a better tomorrow with better prosperity and growth for our organization, business partners and our loyal customers by dealing honestly with our Customers, Employees, Bankers, Government and Communities.

Shaheen Dawood Mohammed Tahir

Chairman, Economic Exchange Centre


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