Why Choose Economic Exchange Centre for Sending Money to Nepal?

  • Convenient and Accessible: Our strategically located branches make initiating money transfer services to Nepal simple, whether you're sending money online or in person from the UAE to Nepal.
  • Efficient Online Transfers: Send money to Nepal through our user-friendly platform, ensuring quick and reliable transactions.
  • Trusted Expertise: With a strong track record in money transfer services to Nepal, we're your trusted partner for secure and hassle-free transactions.
  • Security and Reliability: Your peace of mind is our priority. We prioritize the security of your transactions to Nepal, ensuring a smooth process.

Incredible Money Transfer Services that we offer

We care about your care for money. So, we offer different options to do transfer

mobile-wallet Phone Wallet

In one of our locations in your neighborhood, you can top up your beneficiary's cell phone with the money you wish to give them.

top-notch-services-icon Door Pickup

Your receiver can claim money transfers from any branch of your preferred bank.

top-notch-services-icon Bank Transfer

Using our bank account transfer service, you can send money to your beneficiary at a favorable exchange rate.

Explore Easy Money Transfers to Nepal

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Conveniently located in [City/Area], this branch is your gateway to seamless money transfer services to Nepal.

our-services-icon [Branch Name]

Swiftly transfer money from the UAE to Nepal through this branch, known for its impeccable services.

our-services-icon [Branch Name]

Trust us for the best money transfer to Nepal with our reliable services at this branch.


Opt for Convenient and Secure Money Transfer to Nepal with Economic Exchange Centre!

At Economic Exchange Centre, we understand the significance of hassle-free money transfer to Nepal. Our branches are thoughtfully positioned to ensure that sending money online to Nepal or from the UAE to Nepal is a seamless experience.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the best money transfer to Nepal through our branch network. We are committed to offering exceptional services that cater to your financial needs. Visit our branches today and embark on a journey of sending money to Nepal with ease.

If you choose to use the Cash Pickup option, your beneficiary can instantly collect the money from.


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