Why Choose Economic Exchange Centre to Send Money to Philippines?

  • Convenient Online Transfers: Our user-friendly platform enables you to send money online to Philippines with ease.
  • Swift International Transfers: Send money from UAE to Philippines with our quicker and more reliable portal.
  • Trusted Expertise: With a proven track record in money transfer services to the Philippines, we're your reliable choice.
  • Secure Transactions: We prioritize the security of your transfers, ensuring your peace of mind.

Convenient Money Transfer Services that We Offer

We provide different options to ensure a convenient and hassle-free transfer

top-notch-services-icon Online Transfer

We work with the best online money transfer services who can take your money to loved one safely and easily in a little time.

top-notch-services-icon Bank Transfer

Send money to your loved one through any bank in the Philippines. We assure you that your money will reach your beneficiary safely.

top-notch-services-icon Doorstep Transfer

The extremely convenient and legal mode to transfer your money from your doorstep to your beneficiary’s doorstep in Philippines.

top-notch-services-icon Credit Card Transfer

Utilize our credit card payment to send money in a simple way. We accept credit card payments from all of the country's major banks.

top-notch-services-icon Door Pickup

Money transfers from any branch of your favorite bank can be claimed by your recipient.

top-notch-services-icon Mobile Wallet

You can top up your beneficiary mobile number with the money you want to send to them in one of our branches in your local.

Explore the Best Way to Send Money from UAE to Philippines with Us

our-services-icon Convenient Branches

With strategically located branches, we facilitate easy money transfer to Philippines.

our-services-icon Swift Online Transfers

Send money online to the Philippines effortlessly using our seamless platform.

our-services-icon Secure Remittance

Trust us for the best remittance service to the Philippines, ensuring your funds reach safely.

bank-account-transfers Bank Account Transfers

Transfer money to Philippines bank accounts without any hassle.


Opt for Convenient and Secure Money Transfer to Philippines with Economic Exchange Centre!

At Economic Exchange Centre, we understand the significance of seamless money transfer to the Philippines. Our services cater to your needs, making sure to provide you with the best way to send money to Philippines or from the UAE to the Philippines efficiently.

Discover the convenience and reliability of our services for the best way to send money to Philippines. We are committed to providing exceptional services tailored to your financial requirements. Start your money transfer journey with confidence today.

If you choose to use the Cash Pickup option, your beneficiary can instantly collect the money from.


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