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Send and receive money with ease, enjoying the convenience of our robust network.

top-notch-services-icon Bank Transfers

Seamlessly transfer money directly to bank accounts anywhere in the world, ensuring your funds are swiftly delivered to the intended recipient.

top-notch-services-icon Flash Remittances

Experience real-time bank account crediting to selected countries, enhancing the speed and efficiency of your transactions.

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Otp for direct delivery of money at your beneficiary's doorstep in selected countries, providing a hassle-free solution for their immediate financial needs.

Explore Our Remittance Options

We offer a range of remittance services to cater to your specific needs

Seamlessly send money to India and support your loved ones' financial needs.

Stay connected by sending money to Pakistan effortlessly.

Provide support to your family in the Philippines through secure money transfers.

Ensure swift and reliable transfers to Bangladesh with Economic Exchange Centre.

Connect with your loved ones in Nepal by sending money conveniently.

Experience the ease of sending money to Sri Lanka with our trusted services.

Security and Compliance

At Economic Exchange Centre, we take security and compliance seriously. Your financial information and transactions are protected by advanced encryption technology, ensuring your data remains confidential. We adhere to international standards and regulations, providing you with a secure environment for all your remittance needs.

  • Advanced encryption safeguards financial data and transactions with confidentiality.
  • Adherence to international standards ensures a secure environment for remittance.
  • Strong focus on security and compliance at Economic Exchange Centre.
  • Your financial information protected with cutting-edge technology for confidentiality.

Exchange Rates and Fees

Our transparent approach to exchange rates and fees sets us apart. We offer competitive rates to ensure that you get the most value from your money. With no hidden fees, you can confidently plan your transfers, knowing the exact amount that will be received by your recipient.

  • Transparent exchange rates for maximum value and cost-effectiveness.
  • No hidden fees, allowing confident transfer planning for recipients.
  • Competitive rates to optimize your money's worth at Economic Exchange.
  • Exact recipient amount assured, thanks to our transparent fee structure.

Track and Trace

Stay informed about the status of your remittance with our easy-to-use tracking system. You can monitor the progress of your transaction in real-time, giving you peace of mind and transparency throughout the process.

  • Easy-to-use tracking system for real-time remittance status updates.
  • Monitor transaction progress with transparency and peace of mind.
  • Stay informed about your remittance's status throughout the process.
  • Real-time tracking ensures transparency and provides peace of mind.

For inquiries, assistance, or to initiate a transfer, visit our Contact Page.

Stay connected globally with Economic Exchange Centre's seamless remittance solutions.

Why Choose Our Remittance Services?

top-notch-services-icon Global Reach

With our extensive network, you can send money to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more.

top-notch-services-icon Swift Transfers

Our streamlined process ensures that your funds are transferred swiftly and efficiently.

top-notch-services-icon Competitive Rates

Benefit from competitive exchange rates to maximize the value of your money.

top-notch-services-icon Reliable Partner

Economic Exchange Centre's reputation as a trusted financial service provider ensures your peace of mind.