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Economic Exchange Centre, established in 2007, is your trusted partner in the dynamic world of money exchange and remittance in the Middle East. Holding an international license from the Central Bank of the UAE, we strategically position ourselves in the heart of the UAE's business districts, including Dubai and Sharjah.

  • Global Reach: As we expand globally, we forge strong banking relationships with esteemed institutions across Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa.
  • Social Responsibility: We recognize our ethical duty to the local community. As active participants in the Emiratisation program, we provide employment opportunities to UAE nationals and passionately promote financial literacy among young individuals.
  • Technological Excellence: Our commitment to technological excellence drives us to continuously enhance our IT infrastructure, ensuring the latest advancements in financial services.



Established in April 2007, Economic Exchange Centre set out to redefine exchange services, offering quality at competitive prices. Our journey began humbly with a single branch on Naif Road, Deira, where we introduced top-tier service at reasonable rates, capturing a solid position in the UAE market. Expanding with branches in Bur Dubai and Sharjah, our ambition is to establish a presence in all emirates, catering to the diverse financial needs of our customers.

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How We Serve You

our-services-icon Bill Payments

Seamlessly settle bills and invoices through our platform, offering a convenient solution for managing your financial obligations.

our-services-icon Credit Card Payments

Make hassle-free credit card payments through our platform, offering convenience and ease for managing your financial obligations.

our-services-icon Money Transfer

Send money effortlessly to various countries with our secure and swift international money transfer services.

our-services-icon Foreign Currency Exchange

Benefit from competitive rates and reliable services for hassle-free foreign currency exchange to meet your financial needs.

Our Worldwide Banking Associates

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Listening to Our Clients


Raju Bhai

I had an outstanding experience with Economic Exchange Centre. The customer service team displayed remarkable responsiveness, addressing my queries promptly. The transparency observed in their process, combined with the competitive rates and they are going to be my preferred choice for remittances.


Vikas Dewani

Four years of loyalty to Economic Exchange Centre, and my recent international money transfer experience only solidified my trust in their service. The unwavering friendliness of their team, the seamless process, and the consistently competitive exchange rates make Economic Exchange Centre my preferred choice. I wholeheartedly recommend their reliable and efficient money transfer services.


A maximum of 15 minutes is required when utilizing correspondent banks, whereas instant money products take only 10 minutes.

In accordance with regulatory standards, transaction ID details are mandatory for all remittance transactions. Additionally, for transactions exceeding AED 55,000, the source of funds is also required.
Similarly, for foreign currency transactions, transaction ID details are necessary. Moreover, if the transaction surpasses AED 55,000, providing the source of funds is mandatory as well.

AED 1 or higher

Customers will receive an SMS notification for each remittance transaction, and they have the option to inquire about the transaction status by calling the dedicated branch or sending an email.

An amendment form will be accessible for making changes to the transaction, and customers can request cancellation by providing a valid reason either in person or via email.

Certainly, we are able to do so.

We can send money to all countries except for Iran, North Korea, and Myanmar.

Yes, there are additional fees for transferring money through the Economic Exchange Centre. For the most accurate and detailed fee information, please feel free to inquire with our agent.

If you have any concerns or queries, you can send an email to